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Growing Credentials
  Board Member - Southern Persimmon Growers Association Editor, Southern Persimmon Growers Association Magazine
  Member - American Hemerocallis Society Member - Suwannee Valley
Hemerocallis Society
  Speaker - Persimmons for clubs, etc.  

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  Florida Garden Exchange
Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council

Florida contains some of the finer gardens
and horticultural displays in the World.


John Spillane is an expert in agriculture and horticulture and currently lives in Texas


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We Sell Registered and Unregistered Daylilies, Retail and Wholesale Discounters Nursery. We sell Persimmons and Persimmon Trees Anywhere in the USA U.S.A. via the Internet World Wide Web. AHS Flowers Online Gardening Gardens Horticulture Paradise on Earth Planting Plants All About Daylilies and Persimmons South North East West Beautiful Blossoms of Amazing Size and Color Zones Diospyros Kaki L Diospyros Virginiana Hachiya Siajo Fuyu Tananashi